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Why should KMC be Ruvuma, Ruvu of Mwanza?

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It has emerged the club’s style of reshuffle for reasons that are still not widely understood, and the top one has been to spread the ball, or follow good pitches and other bizarre politics.

The League Board (TPLB), has made it clear that Tanzania Premier League clubs have been given the opportunity to transfer their two home matches to other regions, which is why KMC sent Yanga Majimaji Songea and Ruvu to Simba CCM Kirumba, Mwanza for the second time in a row.

It is very strange to see a club set up for Kinondoni Municipal Free Taxes, has relocated its home matches in Songea, Rukwa, that is, left its sponsors in Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam and went to entertain the residents of Arusha!

Similarly, Ruvu Shooting which is a National Construction Army (JKT) club that has been forced to be slandered as belonging to the people of Ruvu in Pwani region in order to evade strict Club License regulations, has now relocated to Mwanza region. It is not for the citizens who are alleged to belong to Ruvu, who are said to be contributing somewhat.

That is not limited to Ruvu and KMC, but many clubs, some including the First Division League, which has now been renamed the Championship as our English counterparts after one grade added without having a transition period.

Even the Prisons, which was established as Mbeya Prisons, but now owned by the entire Prisons Service, have now abandoned their history and relocated their home matches to Rukwa region. And this behavior cannot manage there; expect more change as the days go by.

I have tried to reflect on the team’s particular reasons for ignoring its history and traveling to other regions, despising fans who had a lot of time fighting to climb the ladder or who supported it for a long time.

The home stadium is one of the most important things for a club in building and strengthening its culture, which largely shapes the club’s brand and makes it stand out from the crowd which in part increases the fans and members and even attracts the company to invest its money. Coastal Union culture is different from African Sports and that difference is what creates the most competition between the two clubs in Tanga.

It’s like insulting a Coastal fan to move to African Sports because he knows he can’t conform to the culture of the rival club.

The same is true for former Pan African fans compared to Yanga, or Simba compared to Red Star, which looked like a branch of Simba.

And you can’t build this fan base for a team not having its own historic home stadium. As Ruvu Shooting struggles different regions to play its friendly matches, it will not be able to build a wide fan base no matter how it wins or even wins the championship. Football fans will not see anything in Ruvu that they should be proud of more than hearing the results of their matches without knowing which one was home and which is away.

Yes, Mwanza football fans will flood the field on the day Ruvu plays with Yanga or Simba, but the majority will be due to the size of the old trunks whose fans will show up either to see their opponent punished or their team win a landslide victory.

The next match — perhaps against Mtibwa Sugar — the stadium will be white as no football fan is more involved with Ruvu Shooting than a fan when he plays with Yanga or Simba, which has built up a great culture of pride in their home.

KMC, which is the Kinondoni Municipal team, has embarked on a culture of gambling with the money launderers who cut their salaries or business profits.

It is important for the club to realize that the place where it was born or established is important in its history and culture. To flee the area for any reason is to cut off the historical part of its culture and establish a new one that is hard to keep in people’s heads.

In addition, the team has to spend a lot of money to play at home and perhaps even later than a newcomer, a situation that almost happened to Ruvu Shooting last week when it hosted the Lions.

Club officials have to think carefully before deciding emotionally to move home matches to stadiums in other regions.

It is very important to respect the fans, even if they are few because doing so will build respect and attract other football fans.