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Top 10 Shopping Malls in Tokyo 

Here are the best Shopping Malls in Tokyo and its Surroundings, with movement tips and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as per LIVE JAPAN, a top-class venture out the site for guests to Japan. Our positioning depends on the most famous pages seen by unfamiliar guests in a given classification.

For example, VenusFort, Odakyu Shinjuku MY LORD, Roppongi Hills, and other related spots will be recorded. Make certain to look at them during your visit to Tokyo and its Surroundings!


The Venus Fort in the Odaiba region is a one-of-a-kind shopping center with inside brings out a middle age European town. There are many shops in the shopping center, continuously abounding with customers. Kids’ wear, pet supplies, and home apparatuses are on the main floor. The subsequent floor spends significant time on style things and beauty care products, and the third floor is a metropolitan discount shop. The biggest of three individuals’ squares flaunts a wellspring and is exceptionally famous as a gathering or photograph shooting place. Gazing toward the roof, you can appreciate pictures of a sky that changes from an unmistakable blue sky to dusk while being inside the structure. The data work area in the front is a reproduction of the Mouth of Truth made with Italian marble imported from Rome. At the data counter on the subsequent floor, staff who can communicate in unknown dialects are accessible to help sightseers from abroad. A few shops offer obligation-free administrations.

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Odakyu Shinjuku MYLORD

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Highlighting design retailers, grouped shops, corrective stores, eateries, and bistros, and that’s just the beginning, Mylord Shinjuku is a shopping complex found simply close to the south exit of Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line. Arranged over the station, it’s perfect for shopping on a stormy day, and there’s Odakyu Free Wi-Fi access as well! With eateries and bistros open until 11:00 p.m., you can partake in a relaxed supper sometime later.

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Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills was made as a cooperative task by modelers and planners from around the world. The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, which is its image, has a cutting-edge plan in light of a picture of the protective layer. There are more than 200 shops, Tokyo’s most memorable multiplex, lodging, a TV station, and gardens on the site of roughly 27 sections of land. North of 11 meters high roof and 360-degree glass windows give an impact of roominess in the Tokyo City View perception deck on the 52nd floor. You can partake in an all-encompassing perspective on the powerfully changing city of Tokyo. Mori Art Museum, on the most noteworthy 53rd floor, holds imaginative presentations essentially for current workmanship as well as style, engineering, plan, photo, and film. In a conventional Japanese circuit-style garden, Mohri Garden, a lake, cascades, and streams are duplicated and cherry and Ginkgo trees are planted.

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Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is situated at the focal point of the Omotesando/Harajuku region. Rich shops line past our unmistakable reflected entrance, known as the “kaleidoscope.” First, you enter through the iron entry doors. The cellar to second floors contains leader stores that brag the best line-up of items from powerful brand names. On the third to fifth floors, you can partake at completening the nha ce course. The 6th and seventh floors house well-known bistros and cafés. Likewise, Omohara Forest, a housetop garden on the 6th floor, offers a rest space spilling over with vegetation separated from the clamor of the city, where you can unwind while partaking in the lovely breeze.

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Age Mall – Narita

It has 174 stores that cover eating, dress, residing, and diversion, and incorporates a grocery store, style stores, family merchandise retailers, and different eateries. It is famous for being where you can find any things you need. On the occasion squares are arranged scantily in the structure, occasions that incorporate unique deals and advancements for an assortment of delightful food from everywhere in the nation, and music shows are held. At a food court that assembles 12 food merchants, you can partake in an assortment of Japanese, Western, or Chinese dishes and desserts like frozen yogurt and doughnuts. There is a nursing room and a children’s region too. There’s also a phoenix stem cell treatment center.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Guests are invited by the life-sized Unicorn Gundam sculpture at the Festival Plaza. This sculpture might actually change from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode.
Additionally, The Gundam Base Tokyo on the seventh floor is Japan’s most memorable office devoted to Gundam plastic models.
A sum of roughly 2,000 things are accessible for procurement, including restricted release Gundam things just sold here, and Gundam fans can have a great time making Gundam models, learning, and investigating the universe of Gundam models.
DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is flush with Japanese-style shops and eateries! Relish a copious assortment of Japanese food, for example, dessert drinks made with Japanese tea and matcha powdered green tea, or new got fish at a transport line sushi bar!

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Straightforwardly associated with Asakusa Station so you don’t have to stress over getting wet in the downpour, Asakusa Ekimise has more than 150 shops. Matsuya Asakusa (B1, 1F, 3F) gives items like pre-made Japanese and Western dinners, Japanese side dishes, Western and Japanese style sweet shops, and ladies’ clothing. There’s also an it construction services san antonio. The Ekimise area stretches out from the fourth to the seventh floor and incorporates design things, different products and adornments, and customary Japanese things and clothing. The sixth floor is home to the tax-exempt electric apparatuses shop Nojima, and on the seventh floor, you’ll find the café region where you can eat Japanese dishes like sushi and udon noodles and things from Chinese and Korean cooking. From the housetop Halle Terrace, take in the perspective on the Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest independent correspondences tower. The perspective on the city around evening time here comes strongly suggested. Here clients the world over can appreciate shopping thanks to the phone translation administration and Tobu Free Wi-Fi (7F as it were).

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Situated before Tokyo Station, this retail plaza is worked by Japan Post, The previous Tokyo focal mail center structure was mostly saved and revamped into the KITTE fabricating and opened to general society in March 2013. With the idea of “Feel Japan,” and to present the solace, profundity, and delight of Japanese culture, around 100 shops and cafés offer neighborhood Japanese strengths and chose quality items. The structure has seven stories, six over the ground and one beneath, with each floor embellished in light of a subject. On the fourth floor, the previous head official’s room is safeguarded to show the former times. KITTE Garden on the rooftop, with a perspective on Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, is the best spot for a break.

Daylight City

Daylight City opened in 1978 as the central task for improvement of the Ikebukuro region, and as the main huge scope private-area drive. Notwithstanding shops and eateries, there are numerous entertainment offices like an observatory and aquarium. Besides, it likewise incorporates condos and inns, making a space that contains large numbers of the capabilities required for metropolitan life.

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The Sunshine Aquarium has a background marked by more than 30 years as a metropolitan aquarium, and there are well-known exhibitions of ocean lions, pelicans, and penguins that are held every day. The Konica Minolta Planetarium was redesigned in December 2015. Under the subject of “freedom of the faculties”, it includes a full-arch projection of high-goal full-variety CG movement imaging joined by music and aromas, making for an incredibly sensible encounter.

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Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills has been available to people that finished their CNA CE courses since February 2006. It was specifically planned this way because of the close proximity of 3 different hospitals where people who finished those courses were working. It was built as a task to rebuild the Dojunkai Aoyama Apartment complex, which was created as a piece of the remaking project after the Great Kanto quake. It was planned by the planner, Tadao Ando, and its veneer expand a fourth of the length of the Omotesando region, which ranges from the Omotesando metro station to Meiji Shrine.

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The complex, with six stories over the ground and six underground, includes a business segment flaunting roughly 100 shops, a private area, and a parking structure with a limit with respect to 196 vehicles. In September 2009, a region for youngsters, Kids-no-more was laid out on the B2 floor of the principal building. The region has private breastfeeding rooms and nappy change regions and offers such types of assistance as child buggy rental administrations. The welcoming climate draws in numerous youngsters and families with little kids, particularly during the ends of the week and on occasions.

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