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The Lions are pushing for a GSM deal with the TFF

Simba, TFF PIC

Dar es Salaam. The Simba leadership has planned to boycott wearing jerseys with the logo of the Premier League co-sponsor, GSM, alleging the lack of transparency in the contract between the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and the company signed last month.

 Simba’s decision comes in the wake of a statement from the team’s management in an official letter to the Premier League Board (TPLB) stating that it could not comply with the GSM logo on the game against Yanga on Saturday evening at the Stadium. Benjamin Mkapa.

In the letter addressed to TPLB chief executive Almas Kasongo, the Lions need clarification on a number of issues in the contract before accepting an order from the league board to put the GSM logo on their jerseys.

Among Simba‘s main arguments is that GSM’s act of being a co-sponsor of the league casts doubt on inequality as there is a conflict of interest between the company and Yanga which they also sponsor and one of the company’s main goals is to ensure the club takes over. championship but second is the secrecy of the TFF in informing the club about the signing ceremony of the agreement with a large group of Yanga officials and officials attending without the concept of equality for other clubs.

Apart from that, Simba also want clarification on how the agreement will not affect other clubs considering the vice chairman of the Yanga registration competition committee, Engineer Hersi Said has also been representing GSM in various activities and has been accompanying club officials which Simba is concerned that Yanga is the one sponsoring TPLB under the sponsorship umbrella.

We believe that Yanga will have an unequal advantage in TPLB outside of their relationship with GSM as a regular sponsor unlike Simba and other teams. We would like to remind TFF and TPLB that Premier League regulations prohibit clubs from contacting a sponsor without TFF approval.

In this, Simba and other clubs will not be able to contact GSM. However despite the obstacle, Yanga communicates directly with the GSM sponsor. No one knows to what extent this will affect equity in TPLB progress. Rule 16 (11.1) of the Premier League 2021 reads:

“It is not permissible for the club / referee / player to make direct contact with the league sponsor without the permission of the TFF on matters pertaining to the sponsorship agreement. Anyone who violates it will be sentenced to between three and twelve months or a fine of five hundred thousand shillings, ”explains Simba’s letter quoting league rules.

According to the letter, Simba is concerned that Yanga has a chance to break the rules under the auspices of the GSM private sponsorship, which will remove inequality for other clubs as opposed to FIFA’s equality equality concept.

Simba’s act of writing a letter requesting clarification of the contract is like the beginning of a scandal for football clubs that have had a hard time questioning the league sponsorship deals that TFF has been entering into with various companies and institutions.

Despite TPLB being the body that represents the interests of the club, the situation has been different as the TFF has been the one signing the league sponsorship agreements with the football clubs not being involved in negotiations but even understanding the terms of those agreements.

However, immediately after the signing of the agreement last month, the TFF issued a warning to football stakeholders and clubs to comment on the deal.

“We would like to emphasize that the two-year contract is between TFF and GSM Group. So no club or person can explain the agreement other than the parties involved.

“TFF will not hesitate to take action against clubs that are trying to clarify or explain the agreement when the parties are TFF and GSM Group,” the TFF statement said.

KMC FC Secretary Walter Harisson said they have received a letter from the GSM Board of Trustees and are reviewing the terms of the agreement and will discuss it.

And United Business Chairman Seleman Matasso said all they wanted was more money on the deal and not on them.

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