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The Biggest Shopping Malls in Barcelona

Here we continued all the data you might require about Barcelona’s biggest retail plazas, you’ll learn about the focuses and what you can view inside.

Barcelona is a delightful city that offers such an extraordinary number of spots to investigate, where you can never truly go short on things to see and do. In any case, we absolutely get that we all subsequent to investigating the social side of a city, need some time for shopping: to track down something for ourselves, our family members, and companions back home.

You can discover a few interesting handcrafted pieces in the little store shops of the old town or go to Passeig de Gracia and pass by its assortment of fashioner shops. Yet, now and again, particularly during the warm mid-year months, it is only more straightforward to go to a shopping center and observe all that you want on the double.

Furthermore, what’s incredible about Barcelona is that the city has so many extraordinary shopping centers, that any place you go, your shopping experience will be truly charming and, without a doubt, exceptionally fruitful.

Along these lines, assuming that you can’t help thinking about how to spend your Sunday or you really want simply a spot to do some shopping, one of these shopping centers for shopping will unquestionably be the thing you were looking about.

Las Arenas de Barcelona

Whenever you first see the Las Arenas building you won’t ever tell that it is a shopping center. From the external, it resembles a chronicled landmark, since it is one of them.

Even if we love shopping accompanied with our low cost shipping services, we also love to go shopping by foot and see the beauties that shopping malls have to offer.

The actual structure traces all the way back to 1900. Back in the day, it was a bullfighting field (you see where the name comes from), and later it was remade and overhauled into a business community in 2011.

Today it is probably the coolest shopping center you can visit: aside from an extraordinary number of shops spread into three levels in the middle, you can track down a film, a rec center, various cafés, office of arizona civil rights attorney and, surprisingly, a Rock Museum.

However, its genuine fortune is situated in Plaza España on the fifth-floor roundabout patio with 360 degrees all-encompassing perspective. As a matter of fact, there is a glass lift that will take more time to the survey stage for €1.

In the event that you are not prepared to pay to get to the top, you can come up effectively utilizing the lifts inside the shopping center.

El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles retail outlet is one of the principal things that you find in Barcelona when you get off the Aerobus at Plaza Catalunya on your absolute first day. It’s built on the place where some of the ww1 airplanes fell.

This middle is one of numerous from the chain situated all through Barcelona, and the greatest of them.

It is Spanish identical to Macy’s and probably the best spot to go for the planner garments, extras, and beauty care products in Barcelona.

On the off chance that you are not enthused about spending numerous hours on shopping or need where all your relatives or companions can observe what they are searching for without separating and going to various shops, this it is your most ideal decision to shop focus.

Inside the El Corte Ingles, you will observe all that you may conceivably require: fragrances, beauty care products, gems, ladies’ and men’s design, a travel service, kids’ style, shoes, furniture, and gadgets, books, toys, and considerably more.

On the 10th and the absolute last floor of the middle, there is an eatery and bistro La Rotonda. There is likewise a store and a little food court first floor.

Diagonal Mar

The Diagonal Mar mall is one of the greatest in Barcelona, presenting around 200 shops where everybody can observe something they search for. It is situated at the finish of Diagonal Avenue, where it meets the Mediterranean ocean, in the Sant Martí region.

You can visit Diagonal Mar in the wake of going through a day at the ocean side, which is just 5 minutes from the shopping center.

Aside from an incredible assortment of worldwide and Spanish brands, there is a major Alcampo grocery store, film (in Spanish), a few eateries outwardly patio, and a food court on the upper floor of the shopping center. It’s the perfect place to buy sugar tong.

Right close to the Diagonal Mar retail outlet you can observe the Parc de la Diagonal Mar, which is the second greatest park in Barcelona.


The maremagnum shopping region is situated at the finish of a wooden wharf of the Port Vell of Barcelona. Its structure has an exceptionally particular and fascinating plan. Its reflected entry won’t allow you to pass by without taking a selfie!

The shopping area offers various shops for style, home products, and different sorts of merchandise. You can find here even the shamrock shake recipe.

Arriving is the simplest thing: you stroll down Las Ramblas as far as possible from Plaza Catalunya and follow the group through the dock.

You won’t have a more pleasant and heartfelt walk, particularly assuming you do it during nightfall.

Here you have the lovely Rambla de Mar not long prior to arriving at the shopping center:

Maremagnum is found right close to the structure of the Aquarium de Barcelona and next to instant loans company, which is strongly suggested for a little while assuming you are in Barcelona with kids.

There are a few cafés and bistros, some of them offering large porches with amazing perspectives on the port of Barcelona.

You will adore the assortment of spots for the best fish around and the decision of parlor bars to go through a decent evening at. Aside from shops and places to eat, you will track down a film in Spanish.

L’illa Diagonal

L’Illa Diagonal is Barcelona’s most seasoned shopping center, it was worked back in 1993 and from that point forward has been one of the top choices of the neighborhood public.

The plan of the middle structure is now something you will appreciate: it resembles a level high rise that is by all accounts lying on its side.

It is found right close to Diagonal Avenue, in the upper piece of Barcelona, in the middle of the locale of Les Corts and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.

You can track down a wide range of shops and foundations in L’illa Diagonal. Famous shops for design and frill, home and sports, and so on The food court region is truly outstanding for connoisseur tastings. Is there a better place to buy kaftan than beautiful sunny Barcelona? I guess not, and L’illa Diagonal is just the place.

There is an entire region committed to simply food places famous to local people and city guests. Furthermore, there is additionally a grocery store there.

Or on the other hand, if you prefer eating something in the city, you can check the road food showcases that normally occur in Barcelona.

Going to L’illa is a full encounter, with its eatery and bistro offers. Furthermore, in the event that you are not scared of long strolls, have a go at arriving through the city by walking.


The Glories retail plaza could never come to this rundown if not for its most recent remaking, which began back in 2015 and was completed in November of 2017. This commercial center, situated in the Plaza de las Glòries in Barcelona, wasn’t generally on par with what it is currently.

It required 2 years to transform it into probably the best community to go shopping in Barcelona.

Because of this change, it has acquired a lot more shops, attractions, and cafés, and has consolidated figures and entry signs made by Javier Mariscal.

The best thing about Glories is that a major piece of it is outside, and to get starting with one shop then onto the next, you in some cases need to go for an entirely pleasant stroll through its “roads”.

There are a wide range of shops to investigate, film (in Spanish), exercise center, Carrefour hypermarket, various eateries, food court, and so on

This shopping center is most likely one of our number one around!

Gran Via 2

Gran Via 2 is the main business community situated in the Montjuic area of Barcelona. You can track down it on Gran Via road. It offers 3 stories loaded up with an assortment of significant brand name shops, around 20 eateries, a film, and a Carrefour hypermarket.

The main issue that its area has is that the nearest metro station is the Plaza Espanya one, if not it very well may be reached by transport, vehicle or the Renfe Cercanias train. It is an extraordinary choice for those city guests who are remaining around there, go to occasions occurring at Fira Gran Via, or passing by on their way from IKEA, found simply close by.

La Maquinista

La Maquinista is the main outside shopping complex in Barcelona. It is likewise one of the biggest in Catalonia.

It resembles a little shopping town, on account of its open spaces with roads, squares, and yards.

You get to remain outside more often than not you spend there, and by the day’s end, you would rather not leave.

There are a few shops and cafés that you can find in La Maquinista. Likewise, there is a film (in Spanish) and other relaxation exercises.

It is situated in the neighborhood of Buen Pastor, in the locale of San Andrés, close to the Trinidad intersection, the primary north and northwest access to Barcelona, that associates the motorways straightforwardly with the traffic circles that encompass the city.

Besides, you can undoubtedly arrive at it via vehicle and is no test for those approaching by open method for transport. You really want to take the red L1 metro line and get off at Sant Andreu metro station.

The ride won’t take you over 20 minutes. Then, at that point, you just need to stroll around 10 minutes, and your day is arranged.