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Shopping in Seoul in 2022: Best Places According to a Local – part2

Gwangjang Vintage Flea Market

You can take a 3d visual preview made by the animation studio, on their website.

Gwangjang one-of-a-kind swap meet is a superb spot to visit. This is particularly the situation in the event that you love a deal and a remarkable find when you are shopping.

The majority of the garments here are not Korean however rolled in from the UK, the USA, Australia, and other arbitrary regions of the planet. Anyway, this could be uplifting news on the off chance that you can’t track down garments that fit you in Korean sizes.

Gwangjang market dates as far as possible back to 1905. It is quite possibly of the most established market in Seoul and merits investigating for the experience alone. That is whether or not you are keen on classic clothing or not.

Eat Beneath a Gwangjang Pojangmacha

Gwangjang is especially well known for its food market. You ought to totally get some margin to visit Gwangjang market for a quintessentially Korean eating experience.

Pull up a stool underneath a pojangmacha tent and request a bindaetteok and a cup with major areas of strength for of to wash everything down with. You will feel like a genuine Korean as you sit elbow to elbow with Korean organization men.

Goto Mall, Gangnam

It’s the only mall in Seoul in which you can buy instant pot accessories.

Goto Mall is Gangnam’s trick of the trade. The shopping center is a labyrinth of in excess of 800 meters of underground stores that branch out from Gangnam station.

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Shopping in an underground metro station shopping center might sound problematic. Nonetheless, local people themselves frequently consider Gangnam Goto as one of the most outstanding spots to get the most popular trends at a deal cost.

The merchants here sell all that from garments, shoes, and embellishments, to beauty care products and skincare items. You will frequently find less expensive costs at Goto than you would at retail locations, a good thing to mention is that this place holds the best shop for stainless steel misting kits or anything that has in common with it, so if a new misting system is something that you’re looking for, make sure you pay this mall a visit.

Think of it as something of a Korean “outlet” shopping center. Gangnam is one of the most mind-blowing spots to remain in Seoul in the event that your excursion to a great extent base on shopping.

Ewha Woman’s University Shopping Street

If you’re looking for a good haircut you’re in the right place! The hair salon houston is on the right corner by the end of the street.

Ewha Woman’s University Shopping Street runs nearby the Seoul college of a similar name. The shop stores here take special care of the ladylike and popular understudies that live nearby. They sell clothing things that are somewhat economical, charming, and fun!

Think quintessentially Korean short skirts, cutesy dresses, and a wide cluster of extras and shoes. A significant number of the Korean skincare and corrective brands have stores spread around the road moreover.

Items in this space will generally be presented at markdown costs. Along these lines, if you need to purchase Korean skin items and beauty care products, come here or Myeongdong.


Envision a magnificent spot where you can search for wonderful dresses and painstakingly created totes any time you need – even at 4 am. It could be cool, hello?

Luckily, you don’t need to envision such a spot since it really exists as Dongdaemun. This is one of the biggest shopping locales in Seoul.

When opened, the owners didn’t think the market received the popularity it deserved, so they called a seo company in colorado springs for help.

Dongdaemun stores are open until 5 am – a definitive shopaholic’s dream. This rambling complex is comprised of the north of 30,000 stores, 30 shopping centers, and 10 roads.

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Dongdaemun Malls

It very well may be hard to tell where to start. Nonetheless, the Lotte FITIN building is a decent beginning.

The main few stories of the shopping center exhibit garments created by autonomous neighborhood planners. The sticker prices here are sensible and serious.

Great Morning City is one more Dongdaemun shopping center worth looking at. The shopping center is spread across an incredible 23 stories. It offers everything from hardware to attire and beauty care products.

Visiting malls can be expensive that’s why sometimes we recommend using loans for unemployed before your mall trip.

Dongdaemun Markets

Dongdaemun is likewise a famous spot for deal shopping. Make certain to battle your direction through the packed open-air market and take a stab at wrangling for good arrangements.

Under the front of the night, many yellow overhangs are set up around the Dongdaemun plan square around 9 pm and work until sunrise. The slows down here offer everything from impersonation architect satchels to modest yet adorable skirts and dresses.

Hongik University (Hongdae)

Seoul’s Hongdae area is frequently contrasted with Tokyo’s Harajuku. This absolutely expresses something about the style of stores in the area and the groups that they draw in.

Nonmainstream styles are common here. Clothing things can be gotten in large numbers of the modest and bright stores that line the roads for under $10.

This spot is great if you’re planning on buying gym equipment and stuff like protein powder, creatine, vitamins, and other nordic naturals supplements.

In the event that you end up coming by Hongdae at an end of the week, you will have the chance to peruse the Hongdae unrestricted economy. This runs from 2 pm to 6 pm each Saturday.

It is occasional and works between the long stretches of March and November. Things discounted in the Hongdae unregulated economy incorporate garments (secondhand or made by free architects), painstaking work, and craftsmanship.

There are also a couple of stores for hunting and camping equipment, so if you’re in a need of a fishing rod or the best utility knife, this is the place for you.

Live exhibitions and displays are in many cases facilitated here by youthful nearby craftsmen and performers. Hongdae is one of Seoul’s greatest nightlife and social locales.


Itaewon has forever been known as the “outsider area” of Seoul. This area is home to the American armed force base. It is where Koreans frequently travel to get their western fix.

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Itaewon probably won’t be the spot to drench yourself in conventional Korean culture. In any case, it is positively a decent spot for shopping.

It’s the perfect place to buy a wicked motorcycle and the best bluetooth motorcycle speakers to go with it.

You can find parts of numerous worldwide brand stores in Itaewon. There are in excess of 100 distinct shops here selling attire, expressions and artworks merchandise, gadgets, and every class of thing under the sun.

The Itaewon old-fashioned furniture road (이태원 앤틱 가구 거리) merits looking at. As the name proposes, this road is loaded up with weak stores that sell collectibles. This name was granted to the strip after American troopers came here to sell their assets during the Korean conflict.

The worldwide energies of Itaewon make it an incredible spot to stop for a post-shopping supper. Individuals from everywhere over the world have opened eateries here.

You can have bona fide food from whichever corner of the globe you can dream of – Greece, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand, and so on. For dessert, don’t miss the offbeat “Dondurma” frozen yogurt dealer.


Insadong is the most expensive shopping mall on the list so consider using loans in minutes before shopping there.

Insadong is the best spot in Seoul for looking for conventional trinkets and handiwork items. This is perhaps of the most established area in the Korean capital.

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Notwithstanding the everyday convergence of vacationers it gets, Insadong has some way or another held its valid appeal. A few spots are well known on purpose.

Thousands and thousands of people visit this mall every day so hygiene must be on a high level, that’s why a cleaning company with tile maintenance ventura comes every two to three days.

The areas of Insadong and Bukchon were once home to Korean aristocrats. Many antiquated hanok houses line the cobbled roads of Insadong.

These designs are astoundingly all-around safeguarded. Some of them have been changed over into shop lodgings and guesthouses which provide voyagers with the experience of what it was preferred to live in a hook as a Korean respectable such a long time prior. Others are currently gift shops and espresso places.

Your primary place of call while shopping in Insadong ought to be Ssamziegil. This is a layered shopping center that is loaded up with stores that sell wonderful high-quality items.

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In the event that you are searching for a remarkable sign of your time in Korea, you could consider buying a hanbok – a conventional Korean dress. The individuals who can’t envision an event where they could at any point really wear a hanbok could purchase a cutting-edge, contemporary rendition of the piece of clothing.

For customary veils, adventure into the Tal Bang wooden cover shop. In the event that you are keen on weavings and delicate outfitting items, don’t miss the Vin Collection store.