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Shopping in Seoul in 2022: Best Places According to a Local – part1

Shopping in Seoul is an extraordinary action for your city break in the Korean capital. This clamoring megalopolis has something for each taste and financial plan.

You ensured to find definitively what you are searching for here. That is whether you are hoping to buy staggering exceptional apparel things from nearby Korean Designers, or you are searching for your #1 high road stores.

Shopping in Seoul

In the event that you’ve made a beeline for Korea interestingly, I’m certain that you’re overflowing with the expectation to go out to shop in Seoul. Also, the amazing chance to get your hands on some Korean excellence items and some super cutesy Hallyu outfits that would embarrass your #1 KPop icons.

Where do you go out in the town to shop in Seoul? Without a doubt, you will bounce straight on the tram to Myeongdong. All things considered, it’s in every one of the manuals and has been Instagrammed to death.

After you’ve stacked up on Korean beauty care products and charming garments, and you’ve stuffed your face with peculiar and brilliant road food sources, perhaps you’ll go to Gangnam. You will cut the break of your end of the week in Seoul to acquire the mandatory “Gangnam style” moving selfie before the road sign.

Then, you will do a little window looking for garments so way out of your cost range they make them cry much more than hacking an onion.

Shopping in Seoul: The Best Districts for Retail Therapy

Subsequent to living in Seoul for quite a long time, I can perceive you that my number one shopping spots are not Myeongdong or Gangnam. Nor are they any of the different spots that travelers rush to first.

This guide offers a go-through of probably the best places for shopping in Seoul. It covers wherever from the notable spots to the off in unexpected direction areas that you might not have in any case found. Go ahead and utilize the Table of Contents to assist you with exploring the most significant segments.

Shopping in Seoul at a Glance

It very well may be overpowering to survey which of the plenty of spots in Seoul you ought to get some margin to visit. In rundown, the best places for shopping in Seoul are:

  • Garou-Gil – for extravagance clothing
  • Myeongdong – for beauty care products and Seoul excellence medicines
  • Ewha ladies’ college and Hongdae – for charming, reasonable Korean style
  • Insadong – for keepsakes
  • Gwangjang market – for road food
  • Dongdaemun – for textures and neighborhood, autonomous originators

Garosu-gil, Sinsa-Dong

The tree-lined lanes at Garosugil are just as exquisite and complex as the shops that are on them. Garosugil has grown quickly as of late into a locale that lies at the front of Korean style.

Impeccably dressed and trimmed local people taste cappuccinos underneath the cabanas of cafés here. The vast majority that successive this region look like they have quite recently ventured right out of a design magazine.

Garosugil isn’t the spot for spending plan shopping in Seoul. In any case, it is the spot for finding great clothing.

The magnificence of shopping in Garosugil is that it is home to the store saving numerous promising neighborhood Korean architects. This makes Garosugil the ideal spot to get an exceptional style piece that no other person will have.

Garosugil likely could be home to the Korean lead stores of worldwide originators and brand names. Be that as it may, the feature of this area is the classic stores and the idiosyncratic shops. Try not to miss Spicy Color and Nine Owls classic stores.

Bling Night Flea Market

Bling Night swap meet isn’t precisely a swap meet in the customary sense. Actually, it offers one of the trendiest shopping in Seoul encounters.

Facilitated by hip Bling Magazine, this spring-up market is typically facilitated on the last Saturday of every month. It springs up in various areas around Seoul each time.

Expect live melodic exhibitions and sizzling road food remains as you explore your strategy for getting around the slows down. You will track down all that from recycled things and artworks, to free attire originators.

Metro Station: Venue changes each time. Check Bling Magazine’s Facebook page for subtleties.

Cheongdam-Dong and Apgujeong

Apgujeong Rodeo sits between the neighborhoods of Apgujeong and Cheongdamdong. This was generally consistently the spot to see and be found in Seoul.

Numerous rich bistros and fantastic Seoul eateries are dissipated all through Apgujeong Rodeo. This is the ideal spot to partake in a silly day out highlighting early lunch, retail treatment, and night mixed drinks.

Nowadays, the Seoul glitterati now runs to Sinsa. Notwithstanding, Apgujeong Rodeo actually brings a lot to the table. The stores here are popular, energetic, and moderately reasonable thinking about the great of the items.

Dessertree, Apgujeong Rodeo

For a sweet treat to separate your retail treatment and a special feasting experience, think about coming by Dessertree. This is a minuscule bistro that presents probably the most perfect pastries in Korea.

The eatery owner is a pâtissier who read up in Paris for a long time. Following his graduation, he chose to carry debauched Parisian treats to Seoul.

Dessertree isn’t simply your normal “espresso with a cut of cake” style foundation. The treats here are presented in three wanton courses.

Hope to pay roughly 24,00 won to set out a planned menu (around $24). Pricy however completely worth the effort.

Guests to Apgujeong Rodeo ought to likewise be certain not to miss a stroll down Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street. This is oneself broadcasted of “Winners Elysees of Korea”.

Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street merits a look, regardless of whether your experience here will be confined to window shopping. Here you can wonder about the window showcases of the most famous extravagance brands on the planet.

Stores here incorporate Cartier, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. People-watching is all-important for the good times.

Lotte Mart

Korean food and bites are a feature of venturing out to Korea. Maybe you need to pack some odd and great snacks in your bag to bring back home with you.

On the other hand, perhaps your Korean get-away has left you feeling that you can’t envision your existence without gochujang stew glue. Provided that this is true, you want to go to Lotte Mart.

Lotte Mart is one of Korea’s best bargain retailers. The store sells everything under the sun. Nonetheless, a great many people drop by for the tidbits.

Deals with like Honey Butter Chips and Peppers sticks can be tracked down in overflow at Lotte Mart. There are branches dispersed all around the city.

You don’t need to set out explicitly to see one, as you will most likely pass a small bunch of them while shopping in Seoul. Simply make certain to leave space in your bag for snacks!


Myeongdong is apparently the most touristic of Seoul’s shopping areas. Notwithstanding, it is your desired spot to go to assuming you anticipate buying any Korean beauty care products and skincare items.

Corrective stores are arranged for each couple of speeds in Myeongdong. Indeed, even stores of a similar brand are rehashed each couple of speeds!

Try not to miss the nearby top picks Etude House, Nature Republic, or Innis Free. The last option sells regular skincare items and beauty care products from Jeju island.

You will see that there are a ton of arrangements on items here. For example get one free on cleaning agents, or 10 facial coverings for $10.