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Kawhi Leonard makes surprising appearance and NBA Twitter went wild

Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard is a top player who hasn’t had any activity due to a severe injury suffered last season.

The LA Clippers entered the playoffs with Leonard and Paul George in their best shape. However, Leonard suffered an ACL injury in the series against the Utah Jazz.

He missed the remainder of the playoffs, and the medical protocols said Leonerd needed a long recovery.

Reports said Leonard was returning during the NBA postseason. However, Kawhi Leonard gave a surprise to all of his fans that no one expected.

Leonardappeared out on the court in a shooting routine hours before the game against the Golden State Warriors.

In the video, we can see Leonard in good shape and doing some dribbles, showing he surpassed the worst point of his injury.

The current evidence shows that Kawhi Leonard is forcing his knee without any problem, demonstrating progress and giving hope to Clippers fans.

There’s no doubt Leonard is one of the top talents of the NBA when he’s healthy. NBA postseason is five weeks away, and if Leonard makes it back, the team will improve.

Public opinion lost its mind after Leonard’s video surfaced the social media platforms. Fans reacted in a positive way watching Kawhi netting some shots.

If he returnes earlier than expected, bet online Tanzania will have to change their odds for the NBA title.