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Kagere’s shots hit Pablo, captain Yanga opens

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Two goals scored by Simba striker Meddie Kagere against Ruvu Shooting as the Msimbazi Reds immersed Ruvu Shooting 3-1 made him keen to set a new record for newcomers to the country, with Coach Pablo Franco conceding it.

Pablo despite not speaking directly, but every time the striker put them in the net, he seemed to clap happily, just as it was with the third goal scored by Kibu Denis.

If you don’t know, Kagere signed for Simba in 2018, this is his fourth season playing in the Mainland Premier League and yesterday’s two goals have made him reach a total of 62 goals, 11 less than what Amissi Tambwe scored in his six seasons in the league. candle.

Tambwe who shone for Simba and Yanga before now arousing DTB participating in the Championship (formerly First Division) is the foreign star who has scored the most goals in the league using 73.

However, Kagere who holds the record of being the first player in the Mainland Premier League to defend the Best Scorer award by doing so 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, if he continues to fire this season for the remaining matches he can beat Tambwe and set a new record.

Kagere, who signed for Gor Mahia, scored yesterday’s goal to give Simba 14 points, but with four goals reaching Vitalis Mayanga of Tanzania Police, while holding the current record in Simba to collect the most points for Simba this season.

Kagere scored against Dodoma City, Namungo and Ruvu yesterday meaning his goals gave Simba a total of nine points, with five more points shared by his teammates including a Rally Bwalya penalty against Tanzania Police. Two more matches the Lions drew.

In his first season, Kagere scored 23 goals and carried the title he defended in the second season scoring 22 and last season he scored 13 goals and the current four has made him 62 goals, apart from the ones he scored for the team in other competitive matches. including CAF, ASFC Cup, Revolution, SportPesa, Community Shield and Kagame.

Tambwe in his six seasons playing updating Tanzania Premier League table started by scoring 19 goals as a Lions and carrying the award, then scoring one before moving to Yanga and scoring 14 more and finishing the season with 14 goals and in the third season he scored 21 setting the record for the first foreign player crossing 20 goals and taking prizes.

The fourth season he scored 11 goals and then the fifth season from kapa as he was injured and finished the final season with eight goals.

Kagere said he was pleased with the record-keeping that would enable him to increase his goal-scoring speed every match he plays.

He said that if he scores a lot of goals every time he gets a chance to do so, the first thing he will do is fulfill his role, support the team as well as set other such records.

“My goals are very big to help the team achieve what we set out for the start of the season which is why every time you see me on the field I like to commit more than the previous match which is probably why we are successful every day as a team,” said Kagere.

For the first time we are in the sixth round our squad is getting stronger due to the changes but I will keep praying to God every time I get a chance to play to fulfill my responsibilities and score more goals and contribute to others if I face any other challenge I am ready to face.”


Former Yanga captain Fredy Mbuna criticized Kagere against Tambwe and said the Simba striker is a player who likes to work on the field and look for balls to score differently from Tambwe who usually stays in one place.

Mbuna said Kagere is not only good with the ball but also more fit, but Tambwe is flexible although for him they are all good at scoring goals.

Tell me the Lions like to give themselves a hard time, their squad is the one they need Kagere the most as he has a great ability to score goals even in difficult situations like Namungo,” said Mbuna and added;

With the speed that Kagere has, I can see Tambwe ‘s record he will reach and cross before even six seasons come because he knows how to score goals.”